Hockey Talent Management is a small group of hockey professionals specializing in getting players to their next level.  Whether that is the NHL, NCAA or just Tier II junior hockey, every player takes his own path.

It is our job to help every player along his path, and in many cases just to find a path forward when you can not see one.  

Creative solutions in a global environment set us apart from all the rest.

We only accept twenty four clients per year per adviser or agent.  This gives us the ability to provide the highest level of customer service in the industry.  Communication, and accessibility are the hallmarks of success, and we take our success as seriously as you take yours.

Our description of an Adviser is also defined both by law, NCAA rules and our operating policy. An Adviser working for HTM is the “go to” person for the client. The Adviser is the confidant, the counselor, in all things relating to the Players amateur status. Generally, the Adviser works closely with the parents or guardian of the player to assist them in guiding the player to fulfilling his educational and playing goals.

HTM Advisers and Staff provide complete player development and career management programs.

Every Player has different needs and goals, and each package is structured according to those individual needs.

Choosing a company to represent you is not like choosing your next baseball cap where “one size fits all”, the above services are our minimum services provided. Some players require more, and some require different variables of these services.

HTM works with players from Bantam draft eligible, Midget, prep and high schools, Junior programs, Tier I junior programs, Major Junior, as well as athletes from Division I and III schools throughout North America and Europe.

When is the best time to hire an Adviser?

Again t his is different for everyone. The best time to hire an adviser is when you are an amateur player looking to take your game to the junior or college level

Why doesn’t HTM accept everyone?

Sometimes people have unrealistic goals, and unreasonable requests. The Adviser, or Company that accepts every player as a client does not have the best interest of the player in mind, building the client list is usually what you find those companies doing.

How do I become a client?

Contact us via e-mail and include your resume’ or call us. Once we receive that information we will review your resume’ and contact you regarding on how and if we believe we can help you. Hockey Talent has Advisers in and around every major metropolitan area in the United States, Canada and Europe to ensure that every client receives the personal attention they deserve.