Junior Hockey Placement

HTM specializes in placing players in positions where they will have success.  But what exactly is success?

Success is defined by setting goals, and benchmarks on the path toward those goals.  Success is not measured by your on ice statistics alone.

HTM will assist you in securing a roster position on a team that will put you in the ideal situation for you.  The “ideal” situation may not be what you think it is or what you may want it to be.  The “ideal” situation will put you in a position to be a high profile player, not just another player on the team.

HTM has placed players in the USHL, NAHL, NCDC, BCHL, AJHL, MJHL, SJHL, NOJHL, SIJHL, OJHL, CCHL, MHL, USPHL and every other league in North America.

The right league for one player, may not be the right league for another.  In the end, does it matter which junior league you play in as long as you get to college?

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