Junior Clients

“I met the guys at HTM at a midget showcase. They spoke to my parents when no other company would talk to them. It was only a few weeks later that I received my first junior tryout invite. That was two years ago, and now I am deciding between three D-1 schools.”


“When our son was being approached by junior teams we didn’t know what to do. We weren’t the educated hockey parents that some players have. We called HTM, they took their time explaining the differences between various programs. Without their help we could have made the wrong decision and lost our sons amateur status when the long term goal was college.”

Patty and Dave

“HTM was there for us when our son had a career ending injury in juniors. They took care of making sure he received his college money and helped him enroll in school. They care and they showed it.”


College Clients

“I have been with HTM since my parents hired them. I am now getting ready to graduate from a D-1 college and begin my professional career. These guys know the rules and wont risk breaking them. I trust them to tell me the truth and always give me the information I need to make the right decisions.”


“I have been with HTM for two years. I didn’t know what to expect when I started working with them. I know now that they give more to their clients by way of time and commitment than anyone else I have heard of. I only wish I had found them sooner.”


“I deal with agents and advisers all the time. Some follow the rules, some don’t. HTM always follows the rules without question. That’s why, when players are graduating and they ask for an agent reference I send them to HTM with complete confidence.”

NCAA Coach

Amateur Clients

“Entering the Bantam draft was a nervous time for our family. There is so much at stake, and the guys at HTM took care of everything. They were the buffer between us and the team. As a hockey parent they took the stress out of the situation by simply being there, explaining the process, and keeping us informed.”

Clark Family

“After being approached by several agencies we went with HTM for a few simple reasons. First, they were at our sons games. Second, they never pressured us or name dropped in order to get our attention. Third and most importantly, they explained how advisers are supposed to work, the laws, NCAA rules, and proposed legislation that could effect the rules. They were ahead of everyone else, they gave us all our answers and they did it before they asked us to sign. That showed us we could count on them, and we count on them all the time.”

Pete and Jill

“Talk about a confusing time. As parents we received so much information, so many compliments about our child, and everyone said all the great things. Well, as parents, we knew our son wasnt perfect, we knew he wasnt the next Crosby, so why didnt anyone tell us what he needed to do to get better, and to reach his goals. Coaches said we didnt need an adviser, that they would get him seen, they didnt do the work. Agents were approaching us and trying to push us one way or another, where they felt was best before asking what our son wanted. All the time we kept on hearing the compliments. We ran into the guys at HTM by accident, we overheard them evaluating our son durring a game, and they were talking about a mistake he made. We approached them, and asked their opinion. Instead of the usual pats on the back, they got right down to what they liked and what needed to be worked on. They didnt pull punches and I cant explain how refreshing that was. That was a year ago, and we have learned so much since then, Thank you HTM..”

Bill and Chris

Professional Clients

“I was referred to HTM by a former team mate when I was looking for an AHL contract. Less than one month later I had my deal, a raise, and I didn’t have to do a thing but sign. No stress, no worries and I wouldn’t work with anyone else.”


“I found HTM on line after my other agent had given up on me. I knew I could play at the next level, and HTM was there for me. I got my opportunity, and now I am back on track. Thank you to everyone at HTM.”


“I used to have one of the biggest agent names in the business, and because I wasn’t one of the stars I didn’t feel as though I got the attention and time I needed to get better. I came to HTM because they gave me the time, the attention and the service I needed. It was the best career decision I made since college.”